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On site consultancy

In a competitive business environment, a skilled and responsive workforce is priority. By enhancing their skills, you can expect to receive:

 Increased productivity
 Improved morale
 Great overall efficiency
 Increased employee knowledge
 Staying ahead of your competitors

Our professional consultant will deliver training that is informative, relevant and engaging. Delegates will receive practical ideas that contribute to business objectives and improve individual effectiveness.

Developing your staff is crucial to remaining competitive and therefore our training will be tailored to your company requirements.

The consultant is highly experienced and qualified in this field and is constantly aware of any new equipment, consumables and techniques that are launched. With a daily "hands on" approach, he can offer valuable practical assistance to your staff, offering solutions to problems that you may encounter now or in the future.


At Smith of Derby we are proud of our heritage in traditional clockmaking. We also build contemporary architectural features, which means that our craftsmen need knowledge of the latest manufacturing methods.

Since our in-house training on welding, production has improved and quality is enhanced. We are also able to TIG weld cast iron parts of historic clocks, and achieve much better finishes than previously.

Advice on setting up, using new welding rods and obtaining new equipment enables us to meet the challenge of our increasingly diverse projects.

  Verl Dowling, Smith of Derby